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What are the key features of a Cashplus business account?

Date: 13/05/2022 | Written By: Karl Hodson

Choosing Cashplus to manage your business finances

Cashplus offers smart banking that aims to make it easier than ever for small businesses to manage their money in seamless and intuitive ways.

Users of Cashplus accounts include thousands of SMEs, entrepreneurs, sole traders, startups, contractors and consumers.

Key features of a Cashplus business account include:

The banking app – which is designed to help users send faster payments from their accounts either via the app or online. Bills, suppliers, employees and anyone else can all be paid seamlessly in seconds and at the push of a few buttons.

The app and online banking functions created by Cashplus also allow account holders to get real time information 24/7 and to carry out banking-related activities within a matter of moments, with all the relevant details they might need easily accessible in one place.

Centralised account management – this makes it super easy to add any new employees to your banking system and any new business expense cards or travel cards to be added equally straightforwardly.

Once you’ve opened an account with Cashplus, you’ll receive your contactless business Mastercard within 3 to 5 business days and you’ll be able to start making payments online straight away.

Business Creditbuilder – this very valuable function comes along with Business Extra accounts and enables users to improve their business credit scores in what can be crucially important ways for any growing enterprise.

All Cashplus’ bank accounts can also be integrated seamlessly into various other applications that you have installed on your mobile device. It is also the case that you can deposit money into a Cashplus account via your local Post Office anywhere in the UK, with the corresponding amounts being made available instantly once a deposit has been made.

Cash advances – are available to new and small businesses experiencing cashflow difficulties at a given moment. These cash advances are available up to £15,000, with the intention being that business account holders can use these functions to keep their cashflows moving while their operations are still in the early stages of their development.

Extra services - available with a Cashplus business bank account include fraud monitoring, which keeps a close eye on all activity that takes place involving your account, with those security measures functioning around the clock.

Users can also report their bank cards lost or stolen or ask for specific account information via a dedicated team of customer service professionals based in the UK.

Business Go and Business Extra packages

Cashplus bank accounts and all the associated services are priced very clearly in line with the two main options available which are encompassed by the Business Go and the Business Extra packages. Deciding between the two will be a case of determining which deal best suits your precise business needs going forward. You can contact Cashplus any time to find out more about those packages or about the details of all their services.

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